Welcome to Elite Life Beauty & Wellbeing Spa.

Elite Life Beauty & Wellbeing Spa is an oasis of peace where the care for the physical maintenance completes itself with the spiritual balance by creating wellbeing and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Club of the holistic wellbeing.

At Elite Life you benefit from treatments and services concentrated in the following areas:

  • detoxification
  • weight loss and body remodeling
  • beauty and rejuvenation
  • corporal and mental relaxation

Dr. Lestyan Marieta

The Elite Life team is coordinated by Dr. Marieta Lestyan, Associate professor and the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy from Oradea and PhD in medical sciences. Being a well-known professional, Dr. Lestyan has been working in her private medical cosmetics practice since 2000, being one of the main persons in setting up and coordinating the Elite Life centre. Her professional preparation regarding medical esthetics has been completed through specializations in dietetics, nutrition and fitness, all part of the requirements of the SPA’s clients. Marieta lives according to the motto: “It is never too late to change for something really important”, thus aiming to implement people’s wish for a better life in order to be healthy and beautiful till old age.

The Elite Life team

At Elite Life your needs are on the first place. E specialized team, with experience in the domain of wellbeing is permanently at your services. Each procedure will be recommended only based on an esthetical – medical and dietary consultation.

Partners and collaborators:

  • Bruno Vassari
    - Spain
  • Pevonia
    - USA
  • Bernard Cassiere
    - France
  • Paesse
    - Poland
  • Pellamar - Romania