Karina Ochis

Founder and Brand Master

Karina Ochis is a next generation leader being the CEO and Brand Master at KO By Karina Ochis, Founder of Ana Karina Luxury Concept, Serial Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant and Trainer. Karina is committed to the pursuit of life mastery whilst constantly developing and running innovative businesses.

Karina has dedicated her life to researching, understanding and developing the concepts of the future. She is especially passionate about their application at individual and group level in society.Through her speeches, trainings, lectures, interviews and publications, she shares the results of her complex study and offers implementable advice to all those interested in transformative concepts.More information is available on her official website

Elite Life is a project designed and implemented entirely by the Ana Karina Luxury Concept firm. Ana Karina Luxury Concept is a company based on a unique and innovative concept, which turns clients’ ideas into reality. The team is committed to consulting, designing and developing business concepts, online businesses and exclusive locations for the businesses of the future in the domains of tourism and hospitality. For more details, please access

KO by Karina Ochis is the next generation branding company. Through elite consulting and high-end digital services, clients are provided with luxury products for brand management. For more information please access