Beside the exceptional treatment each of our clients benefits of, we, the team of specialists from Elite Life Beauty &Wellbeing Spa propose a set of packages meant to make your day special.

"Detox New Era" - Detoxification and cellular restructuration


"Quick Solutions"
Based on aesthetic and dietetic programming and consultation provided free.

Detox Pack - 1 month

  • 10 Detox-Spa sessions
  • 10 sessions of Infrared Tunnel
  • 10 Limfopress sessions

Intensive Weight loss - 10 days

  • 3 sessions of Infrared Tunnel
  • 4 sessions of BodyFarm – Eximia
  • 2 wraps of Guararna and Ginger

Rejuvenation - 1 month

  • 5 treatment sessions with Pevonia dermato-cosmetic products (personalized)
  • 5 sessions with quadripolar radiofrequency