SPA and outdoor pool access (includes bathrobe, towel and slippers)

  • Facilities
    1. Dry Sauna
    2. Wet Sauna
    3. Infrared Salt Sauna
    4. Indoor Jacuzzi
    5. Outdoor Swimming Pool
    6. The access of children under 14 is only allowed under strict supervision.
    7. The access of children under 14 is not reccommended in the saunas.
    8. Wearing a swimsuit is mandatory in the saunas.
    9. SPA access is not included in the price of the treatments.

Outdoor swimming pool access for adults (includes towel and locker)

Access for children up to 10 years old (includes towel and locker)

Facial Treatments

  • Esthetical Consultation

BodyFarm - Eximia

  • Facial microdermabrasion with diamond particles 45 min/ session
  • Submandibular lipolysis – contouring the face 45 min/ session
  • Anti-wrinkle treatment with quadripolar radiofrequency 45 min/ session
  • Bruno Vassari

  • Facial massage
  • Whitening treatment with vitamin C
  • Specialized medical consultation
  • Body Remodeling / Intensive Slimming / Cellulite Effect BodyFarm Eximia

  • Abs + Hips 70 min/ session
  • Abs 35 min/ session
  • Hips 35 min/ session
  • Arms 15 min/ session
  • Calves 15 min/ session
  • Back 35 min/ session
    Additional Information:
    7 sessions per area are recommended for optimum results.
  • Bruno Vassari

  • Sharon Stone treatment – perfect legs
  • Venus treatment for waist transformation
  • Ballerina treatment – eliminates water retention
  • Phoenix treatment for toning and shaping the arms
  • Copacabana treatment for beautification and relaxation
  • Bacchus treatment – anticellulite effect
  • Pevonia Botanica

  • Massage with essential oils
  • 10 massages
  • Exfoliation with safflower, vitamin C and yogurt combined with massage
  • Beauty Secrets – Dead Sea

  • Little bee exfoliation combined with massage
  • Lemonade exfoliation combined with massage
  • Thermotherapy in the infrared tunnel
    Ideal for treating obesity, cellulite and for general detoxification. 750 calories are burnt during a session.
  • Lymphatic Drainage with Limfapress device
    The main effect is to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic circulation. It is recommended for the treatment of edemas, cellulite and improves the muscle tonus.
  • Detoxification through osmosis
    The procedure enhances the elimination of nicotine and toxins.
  • 10 sessions – lymphatic drainage or infrared tunnel